Whole Body Vibration Zone

Whole Body Vibration helps reverse osteoporosis, increases muscle strength, decreases fat, and most of, it is energizing.  WBV helps you lose weight by speeding up your metabolism, increasing energy levels, elevating your mood, and strengthening muscles, even if all you do is stand on the vibrating plate.

- Holding weight against vibration increases the effects of gravity.  Because of this physical reality, when vibrating, your muscles must hold up to three times your actual weight.

- Every muscle fiber will automatically tense and relax at the same rate that the machine is  vibrating, usually twenty to fifty times per second.

- One hundred percent of your muscles will be working, while in traditional exercises, only some of your muscles are engaged.

The combination of these three factors results in an intensive workout.  Ten minutes of WBV equals one hour of conventional weight lifting.